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Tulare Recreation Bar & Grill

106 Main Street
Tulare, SD 57476
United States
(P) 605-596-9382

Business Category: Food and Beverage, Lounge, Eat and Stay, Tulare

Tulare Service

401 US Hwy 281
Tulare, SD 57476
United States
(P) 605-596-4118

Business Category: Gas, Convenience Store, Eat and Stay, Tulare

Wilbur Ellis

18100 US Hwy 281
Tulare, SD 57476
United States
(P) 605-596-4200

Business Category: Agricultural Supply, Agricultural Spraying, Tulare

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Economic Development

The City of Redfield along with Grow Spink Inc. and the Redfield Area Development Corp. work together to promote growth and to secure the economic well being of our community.